Original Title : Rumah dan Musim Hujan

English Title : One Day When the Rain Falls

Project Status : in Development

Format : Digital

Genre : Mixedgenre

Est. Running Time : 100 minutes

Production Company : Fourcolours Films

Co-Production Company : Film Regions International

With the support of : Hubert Bals Fund

Production Plan : May 2011


One Day When the Rain Falls is a film that will make the audience really feels like they have entered three different houses after watching it. They will cry when they enter the first house, frightened and screams when they enter the second house, and laugh out loud when they enter the third house. Coming out from those three houses, they will be the witnesses of unrevealed secrets.


This film the film about a family that live in three different houses in one night when the rain is falling. In this film each of the houses there’s an unrevealed secret dan have their own emotion just like what we feel every time enter a different house.


I’m always interested in making a film about inter-human relationships. And I want to start my first feature-length film in the smallest unit where inter-human relationships happen, family. House is one of the main needs that a family should have to interact between them. But each of the family members might have different view and understanding of what a house really means. It’s from these differences, this story will start.


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